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3ft Gold Poinsettia Fibre Optic Christmas Tree.
- 90cm fibre optic tree.
Thomas the Tank EngineT Safety Helmet
ThomasT and friends style safety helmet with front peak.
Price: £8
Playmobil Crane
This sturdy, 30" toy crane can move in 6 different ways with integrated steering for real-life construction play - the Playmobil Crane rotates, tilts, goes up and down, and moves in and out! And while this toy crane comes complete with 2 Playmobil workers - one for the sky-high cab and one to direct from the ground - kids can become part of the construction crew by pressing buttons to control the work.
Price: £35.99
King Kong Hands

Price: £15.99
Tyco Ford Focus Rally
This great, authentically styled, fully-functional car has radio control of up to 20m.
Price: £12
Severn Boat
Ready to launch, a highly detailed full function radio control replica of the 'Volunteer Spirit' boat, comes complete with stand.
Price: £50
Lego Star Wars ARC-170 Starfighter
The ARC-170 Starfighter is on its most dangerous mission! Piloted by an elite crew of clone troopers, this sleek ship rules the spaceways. Features wings that open into attack position and 'bombs' that drop. Includes 3 clone pilots and an R2 unit.
Price: £9.95
Lego Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank
Here comes the massive clone turbo tank, flanked by the swift BARC speeder and ready for battle. The detailed set features a working suspension so the Clone Turbo Tank can handle tough terrain! Includes 2 Clone Troopers, Kashyyyk Trooper, two Battle Droids, Aerial Trooper and Mace Windu with light-up lightsaber.
Price: £29.95
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