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3ft Gold Poinsettia Fibre Optic Christmas Tree.
- 90cm fibre optic tree.
Bluetooth Virtual Laser Keyboard

Price: £99.99
Based upon a 2003 NASA Space Shuttle experiment to study animal life in space and test how ants successfully tunnel in microgravity.
Price: £9
Plasma Ball

Price: £9
Whirlpool Mug

Price: £3
Cow Kettle

Price: £18
Knife Block

Price: £19
Tiger Rug
Faux-fur full tiger rug
Price: £15
Office Desk Top Anti Gravity Machine with Globe

Price: £39
The X-UFO features four channel proportional radio control, with a range of up to 100 metres, and includes individual trims to finely balance each function for optimum performance. It has a lightweight carbon fibre frame with extremely durable poly foam ring body, and a high capacity flight battery which will give you about five minutes' flight time, and will recharge in 25 minutes using the supplied UK mains charger, or the convenient portable car charger. You can fly it both inside and out (under calm conditions), and it incorporates one red and three blue flashing LED lights, that not only assist orientation and indicate when the gyro is up to speed, but also make it look just like a real UFO when flown in the dark!
Price: £58
MicronT Light
Super-bright light visible from over 1 mile away, from the smallest micro-light available!
Price: £1
Aurora Clock
Like a combination between an alarm clock and a mood light, the Aurora is an attractive and soothing addition to any room.
Price: £4.95
A Christmas
Message. Pack
of 10 cards
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